Worship Grow Love Serve BannerFirst Baptist Church started a new journey of discipleship in January of 2014 consisting of four steps. With each step grows the level of commitment and the greater the growth in relationship with God and others.

Knowing the time demands of today’s fast-paced world, we wanted to simplify what is expected of our congregation members and friends and focus on what was most important. It would be wonderful to have everyone be a part of each step, but we know that at different seasons in peoples’ lives they have more or less time to give to the church. This journey makes it so that those who are ready can continue further on and those who are not can stay where they are at.

This journey came out of a time of discernment as we considered the vision God has given our church to be a God-centered, loving and caring community focused on spiritual growth and mission. The steps to the journey are detailed below and more information can be found on their pages found on the menu on the right.


This step entails coming to our worship service at 10am on each Sunday. It is the lowest commitment that a person can give, but a much needed one as well. We come into the presence of God, but growth in our relationship with God and others doesn’t happen as often as we would like to in this step.


This step is committing to a 6-12 week Growth Group that will study the Bible or another book that will bring us closer to God and each other. This is a commitment with an end not too far off. It is the first place that relationships with God and others are strengthened, though we may not always get too in depth in our growth in this step.


This step involves joining a life group that will meet weekly for 9-12 months. This is a very high committed group and will dig deep into our lives by learning about ourselves and what it means to be a disciple. We will also study spiritual disciplines, spiritual gifts and other topics that may come up in our times together. This step involves great commitment, but with the opportunity of great growth.


This step is new for our church in the sense that we no longer will be planning mission as a church. We will be meeting with members or discerning during the love step what we are passionate about and how we can get involved in those missions. This could be starting a new mission or joining one that is already doing the mission we are passionate about. In this way, we are each using our God given gifts to serve in our community and creating relationships with others along the way. This calls for the greatest commitment as we will be in charge ourselves of a mission.